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2017 Bike World IN TENTS Application

  1. Fill out the application below.

    Please fill out a separate application for each tent. If you have a group of 8 with 5 tents, we would need 5 forms submitted.
  2. We will manually email you a link to the payment information page.

    It sometimes takes a full business day to get the secure payment link to you.
  3. Submit your payment.

    A confirmation will be manually emailed to you within 48 hours of us receiving your payment information.
  4. Email us your RAGBRAI wristband number in early May.

    RAGBRAI sends out wristband numbers on May 1st. Once you tell us your wristband wristband number, your reservation will be finalized. =)
  5. [Afterwards] Print and fill out this wavier.

    These must be handed in before you're able to board the bus/drop off your luggage. If you forget to bring it, no problem! We will have extras on hand.
    Please let me know if you have any questions:  |  (515) 232-3669

For charter packages including our full service IN TENTS add-on

Email Address*
City, St Zip*
Daytime Phone Number*
Road, Mtn, Hybrid
Departure Point*
Des Moines
Meeting us in Orange City
Please check all that will apply to your application: You will have to select either Standard Charter or Luggage Only, and then select In Tents: If you are using our bus transportation select the standard charter fee, if you are providing your own transportation, select luggage only, in addition to the other upgrades you would like. Prices listed include tax.
Standard Charter Fee $428
Luggage Only Fee $214.00
IN TENTS Fee $428 per tent, 2 person limit
Dome Tent Upgrade Option SOLD OUT
Form of Payment ***No refunds will be given after June 15****


If applying as a group, we will consider the group contact to be the person named above, both group members should be listed below. If applying singly, please fill in the information for yourself.

List applicants here: Name, Address, Age, State & Club/Team if appropriate:*
List name and Wristband Number Here FOR BOTH APPLICANTS***Wristband number applies after May 1 Only*


All charter participants must sign a waiver prior to using our services. This will be available at check in. You may also use the above link to view and print the waiver if you wish.

Acknowledgement of Waiver*
Prior to boarding our Charter Buses, each participant will be required to sign a waiver. Parents or Guardians must be present to sign for minors. You will also need to show us your rider tags at that time.
I understand

Note: * indicates required information.


126 S 3rd St.

M-F  10AM - 7PM
SAT  10AM - 5PM
SUNDAY  Closed 


6600 Douglas Ave.

M-F  10AM - 7PM
SAT  9AM - 4:30PM
SUNDAY  Closed

West Des Moines

5950 Village View Dr.

M-F  10AM - 7PM
SAT  9AM - 4:30PM
SUNDAY  Closed