Closeout Bicycles



Our "make things easy" charter package. Have more time to ride, enjoy the sites and activities (this is your vacation!)... leave the logistics up to us, you're in charge of the fun!


An optional upgrade to our basic services, we will provide the following:

  • A tent (standard is 7 x 8 feet roughly, dome is  even larger with a 6 ft tall ceiling) with a full size air mattress,  set up every day when you come in from the road. 
  • Pull into camp, and the In Tents area will be set up and waiting (we promise to be done by 2pm), find your tent, and your luggage will be there waiting for you.  Secure your bike, grab your clean clothes, and go pick up a fresh towel from our check out station, and go hit the showers....   all without having to search through the luggage mountain! 
  • During the afternoon you can relax under our shade tent, in chairs we provide, and partake in cold beverages and friendly conversation with other folks on the charter.  Figure out where to find lunch, what the evenings entertainment is, or what the town has to offer ...
  • In the morning, grab your bike, drop off your tent key, and hit the road... we will load your bags, and tear down the tent...and move it all to the next overnight location!

Imagine, enjoying all the benefits of camping outdoors without the hassles...   two people per tent, so there is space for you and your luggage inside... if you are riding solo, you can put your bike inside if you would like.


You don't have to worry about the little things like:

  • Where are your bags? (I think green army duffels are the number 1 choice of riders!)
  • Where are you going to set up your tent?  (Shoot, do you have a tent?)
  • Taking down your tent in the predawn darkness (where is that last tent stake!)
  • Sleeping on the hard ground one more night.
  • Another shower with that damp smelly towel.

The advantages are many...  spend more time on the road, meeting people, enjoying Iowa.  Pack tent to haul while you get here.  If it has been a long day, come in, have a seat in the shade and relax...  you don't have anything else to do.

In Tents is an optional upgrade service to either our luggage only or basic service options, and the cost for the upgrade is in addition to either of our other service options.   



Bring your sleeping bag and pillow.  Our mattress is full sized, and there is one mattress per tent.


These are provided by the overnight rooms, car washes, shower semis... all to benefit our hosts.  Solar showers are against Iowa Code unless they are draining into a gray water specific sewer, so we do not recommend their use.


We will have a hamburger night social so that you can meet other folks on the charter.  After that we rely on the overnight towns to provide us with a "taste of Iowa"  Check each towns daily paper for what is being offered.

Training miles

Heat and headwinds can make riding harder, even on a flat year,  so aim for 1000 miles before the ride, it will be a lot more fun if you have the miles in!

Perfect Weather

It is July in the midwest, the one thing you can be sure of is that it will be hot, humid, unless of course it is cold and rainy.  We put in requests for mid 70's and tailwinds but sometimes it is out of stock!

SIGN UP   We are Sold Out of our In Tents Upgrade.   Please email if you would like to be on our waiting list.

In Tents is an upgrade to either our basic or luggage only service, and there is a two person limit per tent.

RAGBRAI is an experience like none other... but we are camping.  No air conditioning, there will be bugs, there might be a breeze during the night if we are lucky...we will probably have a thunderstorm in the mix...  kybos will be nearby, but not always right next door (there is a ratio of 75:1, not bad!)...  What you can count on is the wonderful hospitality of Iowa... the friendliness of the people, the wonderful scenery, and food like nowhere else.


126 S 3rd St.

M-F  10AM - 7PM
SAT  10AM - 5PM
SUN Noon-4PM


6600 Douglas Ave.

M-F  10AM - 7PM
SAT  9AM - 4:30PM
SUN  Noon-4PM

West Des Moines

5950 Village View Dr.

M-F  10AM - 7PM
SAT  9AM - 4:30PM
SUN  Noon - 4PM